Yogi Arpit Agarwal




Arpit is a young Yoga teacher at Guru Yog Peeth. Arpit was trained at Bihar School of Yoga, Munger. He is the disciple of Swami Niranjananda and Usha Mataji. He brings his knowledge of Bihar tradition of Yoga which is rich in its tradition and involves various Tantra techniques for self-refinement.

Arpit’s energy is contagious; he has the natural capacity to motivate students in his class so they concentrate deeply, remain firm and draw upon their inner determination and strength. He is currently pursuing Bachelor degree in Yoga and Naturopathy. Arpit specializes in connecting breath to life for activate energy and calming down the mind and enjoy life in meditation. Arpit keenly shares his practical knowledge of meditation and yoga, to help his students in their spiritual progress.

Arpit是年轻瑜伽老师。 Arpit在比哈尔省瑜伽学校训练,是Swami Niranjananda和Usha Mataji的门徒。他对Bihar传统知识的丰富传统,并涉及各种Tantra技术进行自我完善。

Arpit是一个很能感染学生的老师,他具有激发学生在课堂上的能力,所以他们集中精力,坚定不移,依靠内心的决心和力量。 目前他正在学习瑜伽和自然疗法学士学位。 Arpit专注于呼吸生命,激活能量,平静心灵,享受冥想中的生活。Arpit分享他的冥想和瑜伽的实践知识,帮助他的学生获得进步。